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The Hawaii Moment

A skateboarder films a dangerous stunt in an attempt to get famous and leave his hellhole of a hometown.

Published 1/14/2022 by Twenty-Two Twenty-Eight:


The story of a girl who always wanted to be a legendary musician. After getting her wish, her life is nothing but a constant nightmare...

Self-Published 2/13/2021 :

Shrooms at the Rittenhouse

An account of my first time taking shrooms with a girlfriend. All seems fine, that is, until nightfall comes...

The Evergreen Flats

This is the story of Evergreen Flats. Conflict does not exist in Evergreen Flats. Everything goes according to plan in Evergreen Flats. Always. All the time. Without exception. That is until a traffic light breaks...

The Unseen Heard

Pigs plan to mutiny against a farmer. A farmer plans to assassinate a senator. It's a story of revolution and finding meaning in a seemingly meaningless world. A story of being heard, yet unseen.

No Electric in 5150

A conversation between two brothers in the bathroom of a diner. One begs the other to come home.

Published 09/24/2019 by New Reader Magazine (on page thirty-nine):


Home Invaders killed a man's wife and son. One year later he hears someone else break into his house. After shooting the shadow lurking in his kitchen, he turns on the light and becomes terrified by what he sees.


A man with a prosthetic leg climbs the Kangshung face of Everest. No oxygen tank.. No radio. 

Published 08/14/2019 by EveryDayFiction:

The Metaphysical

Two brothers enter a cave containing money. They don't know what awaits them.

Published 12/11/2013 by Creepypasta:

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